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Alito statement by Dean [06 Nov 2005|10:14pm]

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<lj-cut="Dean Statement on Alito">Democratic National Committee Chairman Howard Dean today issued the following statement on the nomination of Samuel Alito to the U.S. Supreme Court:

"President Bush shouldn't try to use the nomination of an extreme conservative to distract from the ethical problems his White House is facing. Three days after a top White House official was indicted, President Bush continued his troubling pattern of playing to his right-wing political base in times of political trouble. In an indication of his weakened political position, Bush has nominated Samuel Alito, a conservative activist judge, to replace Justice O' Connor, who has been a voice of moderation on the Court for a generation.

"A lifetime appointment to the Supreme Court of the United States is too important to be sacrificed on the altar of short-term political gain. President Bush's nomination of Alito is not leadership, it is capitulation.

"Alito's record suggests an activist judicial philosophy bent on rolling back the rights and freedoms that all Americans value. Alito has sought to limit the rights of women and people with disabilities in discrimination cases, demonstrated an open hostility to women's privacy rights even in basic reproductive health matters, has a record of hostility toward immigrants, and tried to immunize employers from employment discrimination cases. It is particularly troubling that President Bush would nominate a judge who would reverse American progress and make the Supreme Court look less like America on the same day that most Americans are honoring the life and legacy of Rosa Parks.

"Now, as Alito goes before the Senate Judiciary Committee, he must demonstrate that he will be a Supreme Court Justice who uses his position on the highest court in the land to protect and advance the fundamental rights and personal freedoms of all Americans. Alito must prove that he is not a captive of the radical right-wing, and the White House must provide the Senate with all the information it needs to thoroughly evaluate Alito's nomination."</lj-cut>
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[28 Jul 2004|11:41pm]

please post this in your LJ


Sorry for the cross posts
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Everyone do this please. [28 Jun 2004|01:27am]

[ mood | determined ]

Governor Schwarzenegger is conducting a phone poll that includes
same-sex marriage.

Predictably, right-wingers are flooding the office with calls.
Since we are trying to pass a slew of marriage and domestic partner bills here in California, it's a good time to show support on the issue.Takes less than a minute.

Call (916) 445-2841

On the phone tree, press in order:
Press #5 for "Hot Issues."
Press #1 for Same Sex Marriage.
Press #1 to support gay marriage in California.
You're done.

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Hey, new member.. [31 May 2004|05:38pm]

[ mood | bored ]

This community doesn't look *extremely* active, but I decided to join anyway. I've been a HUGE supporter of Howard Dean for a while, but I'm no democrat, and would rather associate myself with the green party if I had to choose, but that's not worth a whole lot, I'm only 14, anyway.

Anyway, I might as well ask... What kind of role, if any, do you all think Dean might play in the Kerry administration, if he were to win the election?

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[10 Mar 2004|08:44pm]

umm... i went to www.dean4america.com and its, well... weird. i dont know what happened....
anyone else get something different?

it has a link saying "is president george bush junior a homosexual?" and says "Any offers welcome. I'm done with it. Start a forum or something."
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so... [09 Mar 2004|04:06pm]

im curious as to what Dean's plans are now.
my mother and i were discussing different things he might, or could do... she suggested it would be cool if he were chosen for VP, but i dont think he's even being considered.

what if he ran again, maybe under another party? its just a wild thought...
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A Role for Dean? [20 Feb 2004|08:46pm]

I've been having this conversation a lot with people lately, that while I wasn't supporting Dean in the Primary election (not that I was opposed to him, I just warmed up to Kucinich, Sharpton and Edwards more). I think that Dean really energizes people, and I felt horrible for the relentless "process" stories the press seemed to cycle for the last few months, losing perspective and limiting his ability to re-engage on issues. It's a problem with the relationship of media and politics, but I digress.

Speaking as a Green-Democrat, I think Dean would make a wonderful Democratic Party Chairperson, far better than he would make the man who is currently just spinning wheels. Governor Dean would not only help raise money for Democratic candidates (as much as I dislike the necessity of it), but he would introduce a lot of what both he and Ralph Nader have been talking about for the last couple of years, a truly inclusive and participatory democracy. He and Nader have both been talking about proportional representation, which I think is interesting because it's not the standard Democratic Party rap, it invites more opportunities for third parties, especially on local and statew levels where our lives are effected significantly.

Dean would help invigorate interest in state-to-state elections where we truly need to focus on the horrible redistricting many republican held legislatures have made. He would help us regain momentum for Congressional and Senate races so that when and if we actually could retake the White House, we wouldn't have a President who is constantly unfocused by despicable and wasteful efforts like White Water investigations that cost dozens of millions of dollars with no aim other than to distract Clinton from accomplishing goals.

Call me crazy, but I think Dean would serve incredibly well in that role and possibly be more effective than serving as President in this next term. I'm not saying he's going to be a bad one if he runs and becomes elected, but I feel so energized when I think of what he really could do on an ever grander scale with helping reshape, refocus and redefine the Democratic Party, which is in much need of a deep strategic planning effort. Dean is probably the best-qualified person I've seen in a long time (aside from maybe Clinton) to do this. If he spent time helping us really build a stronger, inclusive and energized Party, I think people would be incredibly energized at future prospects of a Dean Presidency.

Think about it Dean needs a project to place all his energy, and the Democratic Party needs true leadership. Regardless of winning the White House or not, I'm not sure that anti-Bush sentiment translates into pro-Democratic Party. I see that Dean could help bring some youth, vitality, optimism and diversity to the Democratic Party.

The prospect of this fills my heart with hope.

What are your thoughts?
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Dear Howard Dean. [20 Feb 2004|11:20am]

Hey everybody.

Howard Dean is truly a man of the people. Check out this e-mail correspondence between him and one of his loyal supporters and you'll see what I mean.

Howard Dean, My Pen Pal
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Petition to the DNC [17 Feb 2004|04:42pm]

I have just read and signed the following online petition along with more than 800 other Dean supporters.

"Complaint to DNC for Compliance with Charter and Full and Fair Representation"


I personally agree with what this petition says, and I think you might agree, too. If you can spare a moment, please take a look, and consider signing it yourself.

I believe that it has been stated in comments on blogforamerica that the petition may be reported on the evening news by ABC and FOX, so please consider signing the petition as soon as possible.

(I am crossposting to howard_dean, dean_team, dean_in_2004, dean_democrats, and dean4america. My apologies if you see this more than once, and thanks for your time.)
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Bush, Blair nominated for Nobel Peace Prize [17 Feb 2004|12:49pm]

[ mood | determined ]

Sign this petition!
Hell froze over!!!
Bush, Blair nominated for Nobel Peace Prize,over my dead body!
Has the world gone mad? To nominate the two most hawkish, destructive, deceptive leaders on the face of the planet for a PEACE prize? Is this some sort of joke? Who's next to be nominated Bin Laden, Hitler, Stalin??

Sign this petition if you don't agree, please:


Please honor the intentions of the creator of the prize and reject nominations of those who create war instead of peace.
I feel it's offensive to past winners who DID actually contribute to world peace!!

Thank you VERY MUCHLY!

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media coverage [15 Feb 2004|01:02am]

But his [Dean's] complaint that he has not gotten fair coverage is echoed by a report from the Center for Media and Public Affairs. The center's study of 187 CBS, NBC and ABC evening news reports found that only 49 percent of all on-air evaluations of Dean in 2003 were positive. The other Democratic contenders collectively received 78 percent favorable coverage during the same period.

In the week after the Iowa caucuses, the center found that only 39 percent of the coverage of Dean on network evening news programs was positive; in contrast, 86 percent of the coverage of North Carolina Sen. John Edwards was positive, as was 71 percent of the coverage of Massachusetts Senator John Kerry, the new front runner. Even CNN's general manager now admits that the cable networks overplayed the "scream" – which was aired 633 times on national networks in the four days after Iowa voted on January 19.

read the article
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[13 Feb 2004|06:49pm]

Everyone please post something supportive on cityofmilwaukee. Its a community for the city of Milwaukee. I was reading this community and there are alot of Dean supporters. We need to keep them motivated to vote this weekend.

Ask yourself if there is something you can do for the Dean campaign. I live in Montgomery, Alabama and here is not the place Dean can win. Alot of us will vote for him and the Democrats will back him if something changes...but if Kerry comes down to the Deep South, Alabama, Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi...Dean won't have a chance...

Livejournal can be an effective tool, thie Campaign started on the Internet and we have to push where Joe Trippi left off...

Also I have a list of other Wisconsin communities I joined if you want to check those out as well.
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From the NYTimes today! [10 Feb 2004|11:49am]

Dean Now Says Wisconsin Loss Wouldn't End His Campaign

Read the story hereCollapse )
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Ask Feingold to endorse Dean [09 Feb 2004|01:14am]

[ mood | awake ]

I say this idea on the Blog for America site, and a quick search here didn't turn it up, so I thought I'd post it just to make sure it gets the most exposure it can. Sorry if you've seen it before, but it seems like a good idea, even if it might be a longshot.

If you're a Wisconsin resident or know people in Wisconsin who support Dean, email or call Senator Russ Feingold and ask him to support Dean, or even write a letter if you have time or think it will reach him or his staff in time. Contact info is below.

Email: Russ_Feingold [at] feingold.senate.gov
Phone: 202-224-5323

Again, sorry if you've seen it before.

PS - If you're from a state coming up, or even a month away, consider doing the same. Even if they don't endorse him right away, they might think about it again if he wins Wisconsin. If they did endorse him right away, well, it would be some extra good press.

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[05 Feb 2004|12:22pm]

Howard Dean's campaign is trying to raise $700,000 by Sunday for advertising in Wisconsin. Dean just announced that if he doesn't win Wisconsin, he's dropping out of the race. So if you're a Dean supporter, and you've got $5 (or $1) to spare, you can donate on their website.
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go dean!!!!!! [29 Jan 2004|06:21pm]

i dont understand why everyone is making a big deal of Dean's speech after Iowa. frankly, im impressed by his speech. his emotion and passion shows he is determined to be President.

people have said that he has "temper issues".
well doesnt everyone, when it comes to something
that means so much to them?
i'd rather see him determined and dedicated to this campaign,
than sit back like your average joe stuffed-shirt politician.
he wants to turn this country back around more than anything, that definetly shows Presidential qualities.
"too liberal"? no such thing. only clear thinking.

Howard has MY vote!
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[20 Jan 2004|11:14pm]

[ mood | curious ]

Cross posted to several communities

I was watching footage of a Dean rally in New Hampshire today and I noticed something: the slogan has changed from "give 'em hell Howard" to "give em hope Howard." Perhaps a reaction to complaints that Howard's campaign was "negative"?

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[09 Dec 2003|09:29pm]

Don't forget to keep voting for Dean in the POTUS poll:

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Washington Post Article on Dean Announcement [09 Dec 2003|03:45pm]


This is a very interesting and humorous look at the media reaction to Dean and the announcement.

Enjoy the part about comparing Dean to Ben&Jerry's Ice Cream!
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Vote for my MeetUp! [26 Nov 2003|04:39pm]

I'm hosting a new meetup in Southborough MA, and if anyone here happens to be in the area, please vote for my venue so it will become official. :) It's at Mauro's Village Cafe in the heart of beautiful downtown Southborough. I just got my meetup pack from Burlington, I'm very excited.

BUT, I need 6 more votes for my venue to make it official... so please go here and vote for Mauro's in Southborough MA. Thanks!

(x-posted everywhere Dean-related)
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