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A Role for Dean?

I've been having this conversation a lot with people lately, that while I wasn't supporting Dean in the Primary election (not that I was opposed to him, I just warmed up to Kucinich, Sharpton and Edwards more). I think that Dean really energizes people, and I felt horrible for the relentless "process" stories the press seemed to cycle for the last few months, losing perspective and limiting his ability to re-engage on issues. It's a problem with the relationship of media and politics, but I digress.

Speaking as a Green-Democrat, I think Dean would make a wonderful Democratic Party Chairperson, far better than he would make the man who is currently just spinning wheels. Governor Dean would not only help raise money for Democratic candidates (as much as I dislike the necessity of it), but he would introduce a lot of what both he and Ralph Nader have been talking about for the last couple of years, a truly inclusive and participatory democracy. He and Nader have both been talking about proportional representation, which I think is interesting because it's not the standard Democratic Party rap, it invites more opportunities for third parties, especially on local and statew levels where our lives are effected significantly.

Dean would help invigorate interest in state-to-state elections where we truly need to focus on the horrible redistricting many republican held legislatures have made. He would help us regain momentum for Congressional and Senate races so that when and if we actually could retake the White House, we wouldn't have a President who is constantly unfocused by despicable and wasteful efforts like White Water investigations that cost dozens of millions of dollars with no aim other than to distract Clinton from accomplishing goals.

Call me crazy, but I think Dean would serve incredibly well in that role and possibly be more effective than serving as President in this next term. I'm not saying he's going to be a bad one if he runs and becomes elected, but I feel so energized when I think of what he really could do on an ever grander scale with helping reshape, refocus and redefine the Democratic Party, which is in much need of a deep strategic planning effort. Dean is probably the best-qualified person I've seen in a long time (aside from maybe Clinton) to do this. If he spent time helping us really build a stronger, inclusive and energized Party, I think people would be incredibly energized at future prospects of a Dean Presidency.

Think about it Dean needs a project to place all his energy, and the Democratic Party needs true leadership. Regardless of winning the White House or not, I'm not sure that anti-Bush sentiment translates into pro-Democratic Party. I see that Dean could help bring some youth, vitality, optimism and diversity to the Democratic Party.

The prospect of this fills my heart with hope.

What are your thoughts?
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